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house below productions

Redefining Home Recording

nashville, tn

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House Below Productions is a home studio originally based in Longview, Washington and now operating in Nashville,Tennessee. Our philosophy is based around innovation: discovering new sounds, new styles; creating original, creative music that will wrap you up and take you home.

We’re after something new. unique, yet familiar. Your music should sound like you, and that’s what we’re after. We’re here to help you find your voice, and and use it to the fullest. Be you, and show the world.

Mitchell Maldonado

Owner/Producer/Engineer Musician

Mitchell has worked in virtually every aspect of the music industry. After studying recording in music school in Santa Fe, he continued his career touring with various bands playing several different instruments. He’s worked in many studios from Albuquerque, to Boise, Kansas City, to Nashville. He also worked as a live audio engineer in the Portland, OR area. He currently resides in Nashville and works as a songwriter/producer for House Below as well as playing guitar, keys and anything else for a CCM band, The Neverclaim.

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Whether you just left a co-write and want to hear what your new song could sound like on a record or you need parts written to have ready for your band, recording demos are an important step. House Below has been providing quick demo services for independent songwriters and Nashville record labels alike for years. Just send us whatever recording you have of the new tune (acoustic demo, iPhone recording, etc.) and we'll dress that song up. With quick turn around times, it's the best and most affordable way to quickly hear what your new song would sound like on a record.

Click below for some examples of demos done by House Below

[ all songs used by permission of songwriters ]